Who can be a member of the society ?

Any person who has attained the age of 18 years, is capable of entering a valid contract, member of Hindu undivided family, Business, a company registered under companies Act, a partnership firm, a limited liability partnership firm, any trust, Institutions etc. can become a member of the Society .

How can one join the society ?

The application for membership of the society shall be submitted by the applicant at any of the branches of the society, in the prescribed form and KYC documents such as :

  • Id Proof (any like Voter Id card, Aadhar Card, Pan Card etc.)
  • Address Proof (Electricity/Water Bill, Compulsory)
  • Rent Agreement (In case of tenant . Electricity/Water bill of Landlord compulsory)
  • Latest passport size Photos (2)
Benefits of joining DHAN SANCHAI ?
  • Offers higher Interest rates on deposits . (More than BANKS)
  • No TDS is deducted on the Interest earned on the deposits .
  • Wide ranges of Schemes .
  • Hassle Free Loan Products .
  • Full transparency .
Share Money Rs. 500
Compulsory Deposit (C.D.) Rs. 100
Kalyan Fund Rs. 400
Building Fund Rs. 400
Miscellaneous Receipts Rs. 100
Admission Fee Rs. 50
Total Rs. 1550/-

No doubt you can apply for more shares, which will be allotted to you as per the discretion of the management of the Society. We are truly professional and our staffs are also cooperative and friendly.

* The right to accept/reject Membership application/s are reserved with the Management of the society.

Download the Membership Application Form
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